Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blank printouts from Word X on Mac

User was having problems printing from Microsoft Word X on her Mac (latest Snow Leopard). Printing to PDF produced blank PDFs. Printing to the printer resulting in blank pieces of paper. Yet creating a new test document from scratch (just typed a few words into the page) was able to produce a valid PDF.

A quick review of the Console log showed the following:

05/03/2011 21:51:07 [0x0-0x17017][176] WARNING: Font "Arial" with style 1 can't be handled by the imaging system. This document can't be drawn/printed with this font.

Turns out there were two copies of Arial on her Mac: one in the central Library folder and one in her personal Library folder.

I removed the copy from her personal Library folder, restarted Word, and all was then working fine.

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