Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spurious carriage-returns

What is it with spurious carriage-returns, or line-feeds, or whatever
is the correct name for them? First we had some problems at work
because some Javascript Include files were being exported from our
repository on a Windows PC and therefore included Windows-friendly
line-feed characters at the end of every line, and therefore made the
file itself slightly larger than it was in Unix format, and this then
caused the Javascript compilation limit to be reached, breaking the
page. Not good. Just goes to show another reason why Unix is better
than Windows.
And then with this email posting to Blogger shenanigans! It seems that
somehow in the email to blog post process, some additional line-feeds
or carriage-returns appear. Why is that?
Anyway, this is a plain text email written in gMail. I wonder whether
it will be affected...