Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to post to Blogger from your iPhone via email

So, my starting point was the old problem of the lack of copy and paste functionality on the iPhone. How on earth would one be able to post links to interesting web pages on one's iPhone without memorizing and typing back in the URLs? The answer comes via the use of email. So when you're on an interesting web page you can hit the plus button and there's a choice of 'Mail link to this page'. You can then craft an email that includes a link to that URL, along with any commentary, and send that off somewhere to an email address.

And blogging services such as iBloggin and Blogger have facilities that allow you to publish blog post via email. Here's the help page from Blogger:

Well, I set this up for this blog, but I had some confusing teething troubles. It seems this help page was not as helpful as it could have been...

1. When it tells you to keep the email address secret as anyone could post on your blog, that would lead one to believe one could send the email from any email address, wouldn't it? Well, I found that it only posts my email contents if I send the email from the email account belonging to the Google Account for that blogger identity. CORRECTION (24/Aug/08): It now seems like possibly it posts email contents from gMail addresses only, and maybe from any gMail address. As I learn more I will update this post... CORRECTION (29/Aug/08): It seems like all those .Mac emails I sent before eventually were accepted and started turning up as blog posts after a few days of delay. Now I'm very confused.

2. If you allow other authors to post on that blog, they will have to set up their own destination email address if they want to post to the blog via email.

I hope those two lessons will be useful to someone reading this and they will waste less time than I did in setting this up. Still, it was worth it for me in the end!

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